The Urban Ministry Institute of Orange County

    We are a proud Satellite of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI). Raising leaders for local churches and the missions field in Orange County since 2015.


    TUMI is a four-year leadership development seminary offering a well-rounded path for urban ministers and church leaders to receive the theological training and expertise for their fields of ministry. Our program is particuarly suited for today's bi-vocational minister, offering a seminary education that is affordable, accessible, and practical.

The Urban Ministry Institute of Orange County Jails

"What do our local churches need more than money?".... When asked this question, any pastor will tell you, "Trained leaders."


    Of greatest value to our communities and local churches are our brothers and sisters in chains. One of our core goals is to build, strengthen and release theologically trained ministers for the Kingdom in our County's jails. These men and women receive the same caliber of education and experience afforded to our typical seminary students. These soldiers for the Lord are responsible for building the Church behind bars!

    The release of our students from jail "equips" our local churches and communities with trained and experienced leaders who will build communities for Christ who have immediate relevance as indigenous leaders.

Christ the Victor

Christ the Victor is an urban church planting movement that seeks to the rapid advance of God's Kingdom in our cities led by indigenous leaders.


    We Evangelize our urban communities in order to advance God's Kingdom,

    We Equip local men and women for ministries that restore and revitalize our neighborhoods,

    We Empower new leaders who will enter the missions field or become church planters in our urban communities.


    To start a church plant movement of your own, or to join ours please follow the link!

God is raising up the least likely to lead His Church in this generation


Out of the ash heap God raises workers for Himself. Out of forgotten neighborhoods, the Lord remembers His people and appoints leaders for His Church.

Our Vision is to transform our local communities by working with the Lord to raise up men and women who will lead the charge in healing and restoring their communities in Christ. The landscape of southern California is one of great diversity, various cultures and traditions. Our local churches need men and women who represent their various neighborhoods in order to minister with relevancy.

At Shepherd's Door we excel in:

  • Investing into new believers and rising leaders, nurturing them in faith, hope and love,
  • Creating discipleship and training methods that are contextually appropriate and pointed for the success of our leaders and the neighborhoods they serve,
  • Empowering new leaders to transform our urban communities by the power of Christ's love!

Support Our Work

Help us in our efforts to raise indigenous leaders in jails, prisons and in our local communities!