Our Testimony

Shepherd's Door PM was founded by Brian and DeAnne DiGuiseppe in 2010. The heart of our vision is to play our part in God's redemptive plan for our urban communities.

Our own testimony is the product of rebirth from tragedy. When, in 2009, our oldest daughter became responsible for the death of another human being while under the influence, our world was turned upside down. The Lord is redeeming our own situation and that of our daughter's by bearing the fruit of ministry from the ashes of death. Our mutual path for these many years has been one of bringing the message of salvation to the darkest corners of society and witnessing the awesome results of the Lord's Light.
We live with the burden to offer the help and healing of Jesus Christ those people and communities that lack the Light of the Lord.

As we build into the lives of these great men and women, we hope always that you will join us!

Our Work

Today, our focus is creating and nurturing methods for the radical reproduction of disciples who are able also to reproduce themselves.

Out target is the effective advancement of the kingdom of God in our generation and generations to come.

The primary tools we use for an effective strategy are:

Our Credentials

Brian DiGuiseppe is a licensed Pastor and ordained Reverend with World Impact and Christ the Victor Church.

He is currently serving as the Pastor of Spiritual and Leadership Development at His Place Church in Westminster, California.

He also serves as the Satellite Coordinator and lead Mentor for TUMI of Orange County.


DeAnne DiGuiseppe carries a BA in Psycology from Vangard University.

She is a Domestic Violence Advocate and Prevention specialist  and is currently homeschooling their son.